April 25, 2020

Top 10 Activities in Slough for Children

Summer is here and the lockdown may be over soon, so here are some things to look forward to in Slough...

Slough is a place where there is a lot of fun to be had, and more importantly, provided a great opportunity for children to boost their education. There is an opportunity to learn, and when it comes to your children, everything you see and do can be a great way of teaching them about certain things in life, whether it’s a trip to a museum or exploring a local park that has a history to it. With that in mind, here are the top ten activities to do with children in Slough.

1. Jump In Slough

Trampolining is something that has certainly become a popular way of all ages having fun and spending some family time together. Jump In offers a range of services, whether it be soft play, climbing, a birthday party, trampoline sessions, and more. The open jump is one of the most popular features where it offers access to all areas of the indoor play centre. From the trampolines to gladiator battle beams, the sessions can be booked for an hour, an hour and a half or two hours. You can spend your hours jumping from floor to wall trampolines, leaping onto the airbag, or challenging your friends and family at dodgeball or the tumble tracks. There’s also some foam pit fun to be had, as well as trapeze, extreme slides, and our total wipeout area. This is a great activity to do, whether it be during the school holidays or on a rainy day at the weekend where you need to get the kids out of the house. 

Go Jump In is certainly one place that you can take your children, to wear them out! Not only that, but it’s a great way of making sure they’re socialising with others and getting their fitness in.

2. Take A Trip To The Cinema

There’s nothing more nostalgic than going to the cinema. It’s a traditional activity that lots of people do across the world, and it can be a great way of seeing the latest films with your nearest and dearest. For children, it can be a really fun day out, and the Empire in Slough is a great cinema that always has plenty of the latest titles for you to choose from. With local restaurants like McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Nandos and Dragon Chef on-site, you can certainly make a day of this. Make sure that you’re planning for films that are very popular to avoid disappointment and you can book online to make sure you’ll get seats for the showing.

Going to the cinema can be a great way of helping keep your children entertained as well as spending some quality time with them. You’re in an environment where they can start messing around or moving, so it’s a great way of testing their concentration and ability to pay attention. Watching movies also helps improve creativity, which is certainly needed for any type of career your children might go into in the future. 

3. Explore The Slough Library

For those who have an interest in reading, taking a trip to the local library can be very exciting for children, even if it doesn’t seem that appealing to you. When you’re able to surround young children with lots of books, it can only help improve their reading abilities and improve their English skills like vocabulary and writing. The Curve Library in Slough certainly has plenty of things going on to keep you and your children entertained. Not only is it a library, but it also holds comedy nights and family theatre. 

By bringing your children to a library, it’s helping to inspire and improve their relationship with books. Reading can be so beneficial to earlier education when their brains can absorb what they see and do. Not only that but having a love for books is something you want to have for when you’re older too. There’s always an opportunity to learn and improve your vocabulary.

4. Get Some Exercise At The Trampoline Park

Exercise is important for everyone and particularly important for children too to stay healthy. Jump Giants is a great place to get in some exercise for you and your kids. It’s giant fun for the whole family or friends that you take with you. There are over 115,000 square feet of interconnected trampolines. That’s huge but even bigger when it comes to young children and as well as the trampolines, there is basketball and dodgeball too. For those children who love gymnastics or practising flips and tricks, a foam zone is also a good option. There’s also opportunities to organise birthday parties, and the venue can also be hired out exclusively if needed for a private event or perhaps one to note for your own future work parties?

Exercise is essential, and going to a trampoline park like Jump Giants ensures a lot of fun and exercise is had by all.

5. Go Ice Skating

Ice skating tends to be one of those activities that is seasonal and can usually be found around the festive period. However, for those who have a love for ice skating all year round, the Slough Ice Arena is a must-do. They are open for everyone to enjoy the ice of all ages, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skater. There’s a well-equipped gym that’s part of the venue as well as a Clip ‘n’ Climb wall and a cafe. If you’d rather let your children have fun on the ice while you watch, spectators are provided for with fully-glazed barriers, seating, and lighting. It’s a great activity to try out if it’s your child’s first time on the ice and there will be plenty of support on offer for those first-timers on the ice rink.

Being able to do ice skating can help improve balance, which can be very important for many things in life. Being able to keep steady and the motivation to get back up when you’re knocked down is something to carry through into adult life. A fun day out is certainly expected when it comes to ice skating.

6. Treat Them To A Visit To The Toy Store

Toys are something that are always going to be exciting for young children, and so a trip to the toy store can be a day out in itself. Smyths Toy Store is one toy business that’s been around for years and has a whole range of toys for all ages. Whether you’re looking for toys for toddlers, young children, or even the big kids, there’s lots of fun to be had when it comes to a toy store. If you’re struggling to keep your children occupied over the school holidays, then a trip to a toy store is a must.

It’s nice to treat your children to toys every now and then, and they can be a great way of providing an educational purpose, depending on what it is that you buy. 

7. Go Swimming At The Centre

Montem Leisure Centre is a great place to get a burst of exercise for you and your children, whether they’re going for swimming lessons or you’re taking them for a leisurely swim as a family. The brand-new venue has brought a lot to the town and includes a 115 station gym, an eight-lane, 25-metre swimming pool, and a versatile sports hall. These are all great ways to get active, and the swimming pool is more than enough to accommodate you and your children in the morning or afternoon of swimming. Swimming lessons are on hand for those who need it, and being able to swim is a skill that many find handy to learn when they’re young as it can be more difficult to do it as an adult. There’s also a stigma attached that learning to swim as an adult is embarrassing. However, it’s something that needs to be learnt in the unfortunate situation that you had to keep yourself afloat in the water. Falling in the water when you don’t know how to swim can be dangerous and life-threatening. It’s something that you certainly want to teach your children to do sooner rather than later.

8. Visit Salt Hill Activity Centre

Another activity centre worth exploring is the Salt Hill Activity Centre. It’s a great spot for those who are wanting a day out for activities as a family or with friends. Whether it’s raining outside or blistering sunshine, this activity centre is an all-weather indoor venue that’s based in the heart of Slough. It’s also within easy reach of the M4 and M25 motorways. There’s a whole range of exciting activities that will keep all the family entertained from ten pin bowling, a games area, and a soft play zone for the little ones. There are high ropes for those who seek a thrilling experience, and you can explore the many tunnels and chambers in the indoor caving centre. The trampoline park is a must-do too!

The 15ft rope course is a great indoor activity to do on a day that might be a little wet and windy outside. It's a safe and enjoyable course that offers physically active aerial trekking experience for anyone of the ages of five and up. The indoor play centre is suitable for all ages and especially those whose coordination might be a little off. From huge slides, rope walkways, fireman’s poles, web climbers, and more, there’s enough to keep any child occupied for a few hours or more. The caving element of this centre is one worth experience as you take a deep exploration into the world that’s beneath your feet. It’s certainly worth doing with the family if not just for the educational purposes that it can bring. 

9. Bedroom Makeover Shopping

As children, they look up to adults and see our world as something exciting. And for the most part, they’ll get excited if they end up being given the responsibility of doing a grown-up task. One of these could be to redecorate their bedroom. If they’re at an age where they’re wanting to make their own decisions, then this can be a great way of letting them loose on their bedroom, especially if it needs an update. Wilko has a great range of affordable accessories and home decor that your children could pick out with a budget set by yourself. 

By allowing them to redecorate their room, it helps improve their creative skills. It could also help them discover a side of them that they didn’t know they were necessarily talented in. Who knows, perhaps they could end up being interior designers or have a career in property.

10. Explore Black Park

Black Park is a very popular location for both adults and children to enjoy. The park covers over 500 acres of woodland, heathland and open space in South Buckinghamshire. There are many family-friendly attractions such as Go Ape as well as plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife. There are lots of different activities to take advantage of as well as exploring the beautiful surroundings. You have classes on learning about the various wildlife that can be found in the park as well as den building, and arts and crafts workshops. The park offers a variety of walks and trails, so can provide a great opportunity for the whole family to get in a good few hours worth of exercise. You can find the whole list of routes available via the walks and trails section of the website. Whether it’s a quick 5km walk or a 3 mile one, there’s lots of exploring to do in the great outdoors of this park.

Whether you live locally to the park or visiting the area for the first time, there are plenty of activities that you can get up to. Use these to get you started and to, more importantly, keep your children occupied whether they’re on holiday or taking a break from school. There’s plenty to see and do in Slough. 

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