Our GCSE tuition will ensure exam success.

Here's an overview of what our tuition courses offer

Our courses prepare pupils for the new 9-1 Maths, English & Science examinations. These are intensive courses for students covering all aspects of their GCSE syllabus.

  • Prepare for the GCSE exams with our unique 4 stage course designed by our expert team at Think Smart Academy.
  • Dedicated tutors will guide your child through a 4 - 6 month programmes that will cover all areas of the new 9 - 1 exam.
  • Weekly homework updates and progress reports.
  • Our classes are small to ensure each child gets individual attention.
  • Exam technique preparation and mock tests under exam conditions.
  • Your child will be regularly assessed after each stage.
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There are limited spaces available on our GCSE tuition courses, so BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION or contact us now on 01753 531 818 to avoid disappointment.

Why you should choose Think Smart Academy for GCSE tuition:

With many years of experience, we have developed a strategy for success, focusing on tackling areas of weakness and solidifying their strengths. We use strengths, weaknesses, learning style and attitude, so we can match them with some of our seasoned GCSE experts who will develop a personalised course of private tuition.

Our GCSE tutors are highly sought after professional teachers trained in a results driven environment, motivating them to help every single student achieve their potential. The tutors themselves have an excellent academic track record and have been hand-picked, vetted and trained by the team at Think Smart Academy.

Our tutors are expert subject and exam board specific tutors for GCSE.

The success of our GCSE tuition is all down to the tutors who have a solid grasp of the exam boards and syllabus.

Not only are they experts in their respective subjects and exam boards, but they also possess a good set of balanced people skills and a sense of humour vital in keeping students active and focused.

Constant support and encouragement

We ensure students enjoy their tuition by offering constant support and encouragement and enabling an environment where students are free to ask questions whenever they want to strengthen their understanding.

Learning should a positive experience!

All our students are first taught the full syllabus requirements of the GCSE exams they are taking. This helps build a mental picture in their heads of exactly what they need to do to achieve excellent results. When they know what they need to do, it helps relieve any stress or misconceptions they may have had.

Not only do we tutor students on the GCSE syllabus, but also we make a great effort on equipping them with solid study and revision skills, so that when they go home they have a working process to further enhance their studies.

Keeping up with GCSE Updates

At Think Smart Academy, we regularly train our tutors to ensure they are up to date with the latest additions to each GCSE and the different exam boards’ syllabuses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should my child start preparing for their GCSE exams?

As early as possible! The sooner they start the more time they have to build up their knowledge and get crucial exam practice. We have courses that start from KS3 which help prepare students for the GCSE. Regular tuition in small amounts will compliment your child's education at school.

What should I look out for when finding a GCSE tuition centre or tutor?

The main thing to look out for in a GCSE tuition centre or tutor is past experience. You want to make sure they have successfully taught GCSEs for a few years and have proven results. You can also check their reviews on Google and see how many of the reviews mention GCSE positively.

You also want to check whether the tutors have a solid grasp of the specific exam board you are preparing for such as Edexcel, AQA and OCR. The syllabus varies for each exam board so this is vital.

How can I ensure my child will pass their GCSE exams?

The GCSEs are now more difficult and require a different approach than before and so we recommend you book a free consultation at our centre, so we can advise you and your child on the best strategy for exam success.

How Does The Process Work?

At Think Smart Academy, each of our tuition services is bespoke to the individual student. However, our usual process consists of weekly homework updates, progress reports and examination help. With small classes, each child will get the attention that they require. 

When it comes nearer to exams, we will use exam conditions in order to prepare them for what it’s like in the real thing. Assessing them at each stage of the tuition process, it will become clear as to how they are progressing.

Do You Want to Find Out more?

Do you want to discover more about our GCSE tuition courses and how we can help you? Then get in contact with us today. You can either call us on 01753 531 818 or book a free consultation online.

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Our GCSE courses

GCSE - 6 Week Summer Course

GCSE Summer Course specifically designed for current Year 9 and Year 10 students: English, Maths, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry

Mon Tue Wed
Mon Tue Wed
High Wycombe

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Limited availability

GCSE English Literature

Our GCSE English literature course focuses on exam techniques and going over learning objectives to ensure they are met.

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Wednesday 5th April - 10am - 5pm


Limited availability

GCSE English Language

Our GCSE English Language crash course aims to cover both English Language papers 1 and 2.

See all times

Tuesday 4th April - 10am - 5pm


Limited availability

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