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Here's an overview of what our tuition courses offer

That period before getting into university can be quite daunting and one of the major reasons for this is the oncoming A-Level exams. Without a doubt, one of the more trying subjects is maths, so it makes sense to get a little support in the form of extra lessons. With a private tutor on board, filling major gaps in knowledge is guaranteed. Even more, students get a that added attention that they would not get in a traditional classroom situation.

Coupling these lessons with everything they are taught in school will go a long way to yield stellar results. It undoubtedly seems like quite a lot to carry financially, since you’ll be paying for traditional lessons as well as some private lessons. Nevertheless, it is worth every penny if it means that they get to ace their maths exams in one go.


It's natural to want to know what to expect from our A-Level tuition courses, here’s the lowdown;
Each lesson is tailored specifically to ensure that our students ace their A-Level exams. It's not just about attaining the bare minimum, we aim to produce grades that will get them into any university of their choice. To get this done, we:

- Only hire the best math tutors with tangible testimonials
- Provide progress reports on a weekly and monthly basis
- Arrange periodical mock exams to accustom students with exam conditions
- Leverage a math course prepared by experts
- More intimate class settings to ensure our students get more attention

With all this in place, getting solid grades is a guarantee.

What to Expect From Our A-Level Tuition

Our methods are tried and tested. They are equally put in place to ensure that our students are armed with everything they need to pass the A-Level maths exam. Besides our supported learning, students carry out in-depth research on their own in relation to A-Level maths.

Knowledge sought out independently is often easier to retain and that’s the principle we are working with. This is not just another complicated maths lesson, every aspect is carefully categorised and arranged, here is what they will learn:

Pure Maths:

Under this umbrella, our students are exposed to applied maths, proof, algebra and functions, coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane, algebra and functions, trigonometry, sequences and series, differentiation, exponentials and logarithms, integration and vectors


Here, the students will further learn statistical sampling, statistical distributions, statistical hypothesis testing, probability as well as, data presentation and interpretation.


Under this topic, they will further acquaint themselves with quantities and units in mechanics, kinematics and forces and Newton’s laws.

Why Opt for A-Level Maths Tuition?

For some students, classes in a traditional setting are enough, since maths is their forte. But there are equally students that need that extra boost, that is the first indication that some extra help is needed. Based on that, here are some reasons you should consider A-Levels maths tuition.

Personalised Learning

It is not always possible to escape traditional classroom settings and they do serve a great purpose. Nevertheless, for a student struggling with maths, it's advisable to engage them in a more personalised learning experience. Their problem areas can be identified and then further tackled to ensure that they become more proficient over time. Even more, the learning process is specially tailored to accommodate each student’s approach to learning.

Proper Motivation

Some students are not actually bad at maths, they just lack the proper motivation to put in adequate effort. With A-Level maths tuition, it's not just the responsibility of our tutors to teach maths. They equally encourage students to do better in the areas they fall behind. In most cases, because of the volume of work involved, that level of investment cannot be gotten in a traditional classroom.

Different Learning Methods

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning, especially with a subject like A Level maths. Our students will be taught based on their specific learning styles to ensure that they assimilate better. Since the classes will either be on a one-on-one basis or in small groups, tutors will have the opportunity to adapt easily to each student’s learning methods.

More Detailed Learning Process

Combining both classroom learning and A Level maths tuition ensures that students get to cover every aspect of the curriculum. While interacting with them on a one-on-one basis, tutors will be able to gauge how much they still need to cover. In this setting, they do not need to worry about lagging behind because the lesson is delivered at a pace they can follow. Altogether, it makes for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Why Choose ThinkSmart Academy?

As far as A level maths tuition Slough goes, ThinkSmart Academy is one of the best options. We have been in the business for more than 10 years, so we know a thing or two about getting our students across the finish line. More than 100 students can testify to the stellar service that we offer and how it has helped them get the grades they set out for. It's not just about teaching here at ThinkSmart Academy, we aim to instil confidence in our students that can roll-over in other facets of life.

There is no doubt that the education we offer here extends past their lives in university. It sets them up for a better experience, even in the job market. This would not be possible without the input of our highly qualified tutors. They are not just experts, but they are equally accomplished in their fields and ready to share their knowledge. Through a highly intensive program, they set our students up with everything they need to excel.

The length of the program is totally dependent on when they get on board, but it ranges from a period of 4 months to a total of 2 years. Altogether, the A-Level maths lessons will cover all the subject areas that are part and parcel of the current A-Level curriculum.

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