How to Ace Your A-Levels With Private Tuition

A-Level Tuition

Here's an overview of what our tuition courses offer

Our courses prepare pupils for their A Level examinations. These are intensive courses for students aimed at getting your child the highest possible grade.

  • We have specialist tutors in A Level Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Psychology and Economics.
  • Prepare for the A-Level exams with our unique 4 stage course designed by our expert team at Think Smart Academy.
  • Dedicated tutors will guide your child through a 4 - 24 month programmes (depending on when you join) that will cover all areas of the new A-Level exams.
  • Weekly homework updates and progress reports.
  • Our classes are small to ensure each child gets individual attention.
  • Exam technique preparation under exam conditions.
  • Your child will be regularly assessed after each stage.

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A-Level Tuition

Applying to university is a daunting time – whether you’re a parent or a student. A time when A-Level students are striving for success, it can be terrifying to think that you might not get the grades that you require to get into university. With so many of the universities in the UK having high entry requirements that seem out of reach, there are many benefits that come with opting for private A-Level tuition. 

An activity that works seamlessly alongside education taught in school, it gives students that extra helping hand that they require during this stressful time. There to help with whatever subject that they need, they can go into the university application process feeling more confident and ready to succeed.

So many students across the UK are turning to private A-Level tuition. Helping them to pass their exams, it’s a worthy investment in the long term. And even though it might seem like an expensive extra cost, the quality of tuition that you receive is unlike anything that’s taught in schools.

Filling Gaps in Knowledge

Although school teaches you the basics of subjects, sometimes, students need that extra assistance. Filling gaps in knowledge, a private tutor will ensure that students are fully prepared for exams. 

Working with them individually, more time is spent on areas that they are not confident in. Taking the time to align the student’s weaknesses with their strengths, the understanding that private tutors have is unparalleled. Targeting the subjects and topics that you need assistance with, the process is done in a way that takes the pressure off of students.

A Personalised Education

There have been numerous articles over the years stating that schools are failing to prepare their pupils for the demands that come with university. Offering a one-size-fits-all solution to education, this way of learning isn’t suited to everyone – which is where private tuition comes in. Getting to know each student individually, private tutors develop a bond with students.

Giving each student their full attention and expert guidance, it’s a gentle push that many need in order to thrive. 

Preparation for University

University is a whole other ballgame to school. A time that’s filled with essays, coursework and exams, many don’t feel fully prepared for it – which results in them struggling when they are an undergraduate. In school, students rarely have to write essays that are thousands of words long – making them feel overwhelmed when they go to university. 

With private tuition, they will guide you through this so that you’re not going into university feeling as though you’re in the dark.

What to Look Out For When Choosing An A-Level Tuition Centre

If you think that private tuition for your A-Levels is the right way to go, it’s good to know what you should look out for when selecting a tuition centre. During this process, you should consider the following:

  • How many tutors they have: if it’s a small tuition centre, you want to ensure that the tutors haven’t taken on a large number of students.
  • Their skills and qualifications: this is essential. You want to make sure that they are fully qualified and that they have passed the appropriate exams in order to teach you/your child.
  • Their teaching ability: alongside their qualifications and skills, it’s a good idea to read reviews on the website to ensure that they have an excellent teaching ability. 
  • How much they charge: as this varies tutor to tutor, you should pay attention to what their rates are so that you can compare them more easily. 
  • A tutors personality: do they seem friendly? Are they enthusiastic about what they do?
  • Their timetable: how often they will see a student, how long each session lasts, etc. 

How Think Smart Academy Can Help

If you’re looking for A-Level Tuition in Slough, look no further than Think Smart Academy. With over 10 years in the industry, our private tutors have helped thousands of students across the area to achieve their dream grades. There to help every step of the way, we want each of our students to feel as though they can achieve their potential.

With proven results, we create an extraordinary vision that helps students to fulfil their future aspirations. A stepping stone into university and work life, it can prove to be an invaluable decision in the long run.

Specialist in a Wide Range of Subjects

Our team of A Level specialists have the in-depth knowledge to teach a wide range of subjects, from A-Level Maths to Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Economics, English and Further Maths. These expertise and experience in the field makes our tuition centre stand out from the crowd.

Intensive courses, we want each of our students to get the highest grade possible – no matter how confident they are in the subject. Designed to fully prepare them for their A-Levels, it consists of an expertly-crafted 4 stage course.

A Comprehensive Program 

Each of our dedicated tutors will guide students through a comprehensive 4 month to 2-year program (the length of which will depend on when they join our centre), which will cover all of the areas examined in the current A-Level curriculum. 

How Does The Process Work?

At Think Smart Academy, each of our tuition services is bespoke to the individual student. However, our usual process consists of weekly homework updates, progress reports and examination help. With small classes, each child will get the attention that they require. 

When it comes nearer to exams, we will use exam conditions in order to prepare them for what it’s like in the real thing. Assessing them at each stage of the tuition process, it will become clear as to how they are progressing.

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