February 22, 2021

11 Plus Registration 2021

Applications for the 11+ plus will be open on 1st May 2021 and the deadline for registration is midnight on Sunday 13 June 2021. We know this can be a lengthy and potentially confusing process, which is why we’ll tell you where, when, and who to apply. So, if you want to register your child for the 11+ exam, ensure you read through the guide below to walk you through the process. 

The Deadlines You Need to Know

Whilst there may be plenty of time in the 11 plus application window, ensure you are aware of a few key deadlines. 

When Does Registration Open?

For the Slough consortium of grammar schools, registration for the 11 plus opens on the 1st May 2021. It opens online. This is simply the 11 plus registration, and thus, only needs to be submitted once per child. 

When Does Registration Close?

For the Slough consortium of grammar schools, registration for the 11 plus closes on the 13th June 2021, at midnight. Any registrations after this date will not be accepted or submitted. 

When Can I Visit an Open Evening? 

If you’re planning to send your child to a school in the Slough consortium, you can attend any of these open evenings. We will update this article with the dates for this year (2021) but for now you can see last years dates to get an idea.

  • Herschel Grammar School: 14th September 2020
  • Langley Grammar School : 22nd September 2020
  • St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School: 23rd September 2020
  • Upton Court Grammar School: 30th September 2020

When Does the Exam Take Place?

The 11 plus exam itself takes place in September 2021. 

When Should the Common Application Form Be Submitted?

Once your child has sat the 11 plus exam, and you’ve been notified of your child’s results via your online portal, you’ll have to fill in the common application form. Be sure to submit this for your chosen grammar school within Slough to your local home authority by the 31st October 2021. 

When Will I Be Notified?

You will hear of your child’s school place allocations on the 1st March 2022. Following this, formal invites from the schools themselves will follow. 

The Process

Once aware of the deadlines for the 11 plus, be sure to fully understand the process of applying for the exam by reading through the details below: 

Complete the Application Form

The first thing to do in signing your child up for the 11 plus examination is to complete the application form to register them for the exam. To do so, please visit the website and click the link at http://www.sloughconsortium.org.uk/ to access and complete the application form. 

Once you do so, the details of your application will be held in the consortium’s database. You will only need to register your child once for the 11 plus, no matter which school you plan to send them to. 

Make a Password

When submitting your application, you will need to come up with a password for later use. You will be given a User ID to hold onto and remember, but the password must be of your own making, and will need to be used at a later date in order to access your child’s results. Please make sure you retain and remember the password you use for your application. 

Similarly, both the username you are given and the password you make up at this time will be required once again if you choose to appeal any decisions later on down the line. 

Upload a Photo

You will also need to have a recent and digital photo of your child for the application you submit for them. Please ensure you make this copy of a photo ready ahead of time, as you will not be able to submit your application without it. 

What You’ll Hear Next

Once this application has been submitted, your child will then need to sit the exam. They will be allocated a place at a testing centre, and you will hear of the location and time of the exam via the email you wrote on your application form. These details will be sent out before the current summer term ends, and you will be notified of them again upon the beginning of September. Please note that the time and date of your child’s 11 plus exam cannot be changed. 

Once the exam is complete, the results will be posted to your online portal. An exact date and time for this posting cannot be given in advance, as the 11 plus papers are marked by an external source. Be sure to keep this in mind when aiming to contact the consortium for more details on your child’s results and/or progress. 

Fill in the Common Application Form

Once the exam has been sat and completed, you will need to fill out the common application form. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to see your child’s results on the 11 plus exam, in order to make an informed decision on which grammar schools fit your preferences - be sure to place them first in the order. You will need to make this decision and then submit the form by the 31st of October. 

What Happens Next?

Once your child has completed the 11 plus exam, and once all the above mentioned forms are completed and submitted, your local authority will begin to allocate school places. If your preferred grammar school is placed high on your common application form, and your child is also eligible to attend this school, a place will be allocated for them at this school.

It’s important to note that if your child comes out with an eligible score for more than one school on your list, they will be allocated to the highest ranked school with the most places available. Similarly, it’s important to note that this is only an allocation, and the formal offer of a place must be given by the grammar school itself. You will hear of this allocation by the 1st March. 

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