Our 11 plus courses have helped thousands of children in Slough get into a Grammar School with our proven teaching strategies.

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Our courses prepare pupils for Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning, Maths and English for the 11+ examinations. These are intensive courses for students covering all aspects of the 11+.

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See our 5 point strategy below.

4 point 11+ strategy

Prepare for 11 plus exams with our unique 4-point strategy designed by our expert team at Think Smart Academy.

Our 4 stage course gets progressively harder at each stage with clear objectives along the way.

1. We start from a foundation stage to put the basic building blocks in place.

2. We ensure the children build strong mental agility, arithmetic, and vocabulary.

3. The learners then move on to the core stages to really get stuck into the material, 4. addressing all the requirements of the exam boards.

4. Finally, at the specialisation stage, we methodically prepare them for the exam through thorough practice tests and evaluation.

At each stage, we cover all topics that might come up according to the GL and CEM exam boards. Our team is highly-qualified and committed to children’s education. If you’re looking for the best 11 plus tuition in Slough, our dedicated tutors will give your children the confidence to get into the grammar school of their choice.

4-6 month 11+ courses

Dedicated tutors will guide your child through 4-6 month programmes that will cover all areas of the new 11 plus CEM exam board.

This detailed 11 plus tuition curriculum includes English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning, over 3 hours a week.

The children will receive specialist training according to the exam board and the relevant exam techniques will also be perfected. The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) is a highly respected research institution that now dominates the 11 plus exam. CEM is based on the principle of “adaptive learning” involving interactive computer-based questions, where the next question or task is based on the answer to the previous one.

Here at Think Smart, our dedicated team and in house technology will ensure the children can complete the exam with complete confidence and have full understanding of every aspect of it. This will reduce any anxiety or nerves on the big day and allow them to focus and complete the questions with ease and accuracy.

Weekly 11+ progress updates

Weekly homework updates and progress reports. 

In order to fully monitor your children’s progress, we set plenty of homework and practice tests. We closely follow their progress and give you reports on how they’re doing. We set homework both paper-based and online, to give them a feel for the exam, and plenty of practice. To get more out of the lesson time, we set worksheets for at home and have more teaching in class, this way we don’t waste any valuable classroom time.

Our technology also allows us to monitor children’s progress at home and their speed and accuracy. This helps us to identify strengths and weaknesses, and address any learning gaps. We can then work on these together to make sure they’re 100% ready to take the exam.

We offer 11 plus tuition tips and advice for busy parents as well who are helping their kids at home. We ensure a manageable homework plan for any family to take on board and our friendly team is available for support at any time.

Small class sizes

Our classes are small to ensure each child gets individual attention.

We aim to optimise the learning experience for all our pupils. We have a maximum of 12 pupils per group to enable quality teaching and interaction. A lower ratio of students to teachers is proven to be better as students benefit from more individual attention, and are also more likely to concentrate. The students also get to know each other better. A closer relationship with the teacher and their peers is very motivating for them. If students have any doubts or questions, they’ll be much more likely to raise their voices in a more intimate environment. By making friends in the group as well, they’ll have someone to share advice with and it can be very beneficial to encourage them to work together. With fewer pupils in the room, there are consequently fewer disruptions, and teachers are able to tailor their classes to students’ individual needs more efficiently. Our 11 plus tuition slough classroom environment is specifically catered to your child’s success.

Mock exams

Exam technique preparation under exam conditions. 

At Think Smart we host mock exams as part of our 11 plus tuition Slough courses. The final weeks of the course are based around practice tests and mocks. This will give your child complete confidence in the exam environment. We’ll make sure they’re accustomed to timings, and exam room settings. Our goal is to ensure that by the time they finish the course they’ll be familiarised with every aspect of the exam. We offer feedback after each practice test and focus on any weak points. The purpose of doing practice tests continually as well is to make sure we review and revise as much as possible. Our exam focus makes us a step above the rest and at Think Smart our qualified and experienced team knows all the tricks and techniques to pass. Our tutors are specifically trained in how to get students to engage with the material and feel comfortable. At the end of the course, your children will be fully familiar and 100% confident with the exam format and conditions.

Students regularly assessed

Your child will be regularly assessed at each stage. 

You’ll be able to get an insight into your child’s academic level here at Think Smart. Our 11 plus tuition slough courses include assessment at the end of each of the four stages and all the way throughout the course. We can also offer an assessment at the beginning of the course, and provide information and answers to any questions parents might have at the early stages. At the end of each stage, we will give you both a verbal and written report of your child’s progress, with a tailored needs analysis for further development. We consider every skill and subject area that they need in order to do well on the test and boost any areas they need to work on. At Think Smart you’ll not only be getting expert tutoring in the exam subjects but parental guidance as well. 


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