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Our Maths crash course is compatible for OCR and for Edexcel exam boards. In this course we will be covering: 

  1. Algebraic Expressions and Methods
  2. Polynomial Equations and Inequalities
  3. Graphs and Transformations
  4. Circle Equations and Geometry
  5. Algebraic Proof
  6. Binomial Expansion
  7. Trigonometry and trigonometric equations
  8. Vectors
  9. Differentiation
  10. Integration
  11. Exponential and Logarithms
  12. Algebraic Expressions and Methods
  13. Polynomial Equations and Inequalities
  14. Graphs and Transformations
  15. Circle Equations and Geometry
  16. Algebraic Proof
  17. Binomial Expansion
  18. Trigonometry and trigonometric equations
  19. Vectors
  20. Differentiation
  21. Integration
  22. Exponential and Logarithms

We will be recapping the skills examiners expect to see inside of the exam, as well as going through examination style questions to show students how to maximise their marks as well as handy tips and tricks to ensure the answer is correct in as little time possible.

10am - 5pm. Lunch will be provided.

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Year 12  - Maths Day 1 - Friday 15th April
Year 12  - Maths Day 2 - Monday 18th April


Learning Outcomes


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